"A BOUTIQUE Product Placement Agent specializing in Brand Integration with CELEBRITIES, MOVIES, TV Shows , integrative event production"

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"Bridging the gap between major primetime TV, a-list movie, celebrity and exceptional brand" 

New start up? SSB will work within your budget to make placements available to you. We offer many options ranging from celebrity events /  gift bag  / Organic TV placements only to full on platinum packages with branding and exclusivity events, A-List Movies.

brand Integration / product placement movies & tv shows

Why pay to advertise for "one & done" 10-30 second ads on your local radio or TV station / newspaper with a "local" demographic, when you can integrate your Brand directly into the body of the scenes on national / international demographic  Prime Time major network TV & A-List movies for minutes or hours at the fraction of the cost?!   NO KIDDING!!  compare it!


Forever and Ever!

Purchase an ad and you get just what you pay for, and then it's gone (in seconds!)  Placement / integration goes on forever and ever through syndication, re-runs, DVDs,  TIVO, DVR, other networks purchasing after their season finale, on-demand - streaming video, for years and years to come.


Traditional marketing is costly and ineffective in this new digital world.  At a fraction of the cost for greater reach, Product Integration changes the equation.


direct 2 celebrity / Organic endorsements / celebrity seeding

Get the "Cool" factor of endorsements from key influencers without paying the huge fees through Celebrity Seeding at our events produced in recognition of entertainment awards or high profile events, integration into scenes of TV & Movie, OR hand delivered direct into the Celebrities hands.  SSB is personally connected!  


increase brand loyalty

Nothing makes your customers more proud of their purchase with your brand than seeing it used by their favorite TV / Movie Characters.

motivate decision

Whether it's fashion, gadgety, or what the stars eat and drink, people are motivated to seek out more info on what they see in productions.  

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pursuing brands by invitation only - show us what you've got!

SSB knows your time and money are hot commodities, so is ours.  We won't waste your time with false promises of placement, before we come to you with an invitation for placement - we have already gotten your brand qualified with the producers and directors of a show prior to invite.  We pursue productions that will only be part of your target market, and focus only on productions that appeal to your customers.