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Show Style Brands

SSB strives to not only have celebrities like your product, but get captured using it too. Celebrity seeding with SSB can help you achieve media coverage for far less than a traditional ad campaign or paid A-list endorsement. Please inquire below if you would like some additional information about these services and pricing.

We will work with brands and their teams to hand select items based on the celebrities personal style, schedule, and popular items. We are very careful and strategic when selecting recipients of any seeding to ensure that we provide a good investment on the part of our clients.

What's included: strategizing on celebrity and item selections- up to 20 celebrities with 1-4 items each, packaging, shipping, tracking of celebrity images, and delivery of sales + marketing mock ups.  We hand deliver while working on set, or hand deliver direct to the celebrity  and or their representatives, occasionally shipping is needed when the celebrity is on a busy travel schedule - to make sure we are able to be expeditious.

Contact us to see which Celebrity we will introduce you to Today!

 Direct 2 Celebrity

Get the "Cool" factor of endorsements from key influencers without paying the huge fees through Celebrity Seeding at our events produced in recognition of entertainment awards or high profile events, integration into scenes of TV & Movie, OR hand delivered direct into the Celebrities hands.  SSB is personally connected!  
Nothing makes your customers more proud of their purchase with your brand than seeing it used by their favorite TV / MovieCharacters.
Whether it's fashion, gadgety, or what the stars eat and drink, people are motivated to seek out more info on what they see in productions.