"A BOUTIQUE Product Placement Agent specializing in Brand Integration with CELEBRITIES, MOVIES, TV Shows , integrative event production"

Show Style Brands

John on set at the "Stake Store" with client "Black Bat Stakes" for True Blood on HBO

John Fluke

ceo, Placed4success

Mr. Hollywood  - our DIRECT connection on studio sets

John's our go to guy that makes our placements happen.  (This guy is on Hollywood sets daily - NO KIDDING) assisting set decorators, stylists and producers fill their studio sets with the best brands emerging today. He's one of Hollywood's most respected Brand Placement agents in Hollywood.  As a high ranking member of the SDSA, John's over 25 years of experience stems back to family involvement in the film industry years ago, it's in his blood.   

John's known for his quality of bringing his clients the biggest bang for their buck in Movie, TV, Music Video, webisode productions, he knows his movie & TV Sets, and is a personal friend to Set Decorators, Directors & Producers.  Everyone knows John Fluke  Mr. Hollywood.  Kind of a big deal.  (how am I doing John? ;) )

- he's known as one of the most honest men in the industry, full of integrity, I am proud to be in business with John. 

Look at him - he looks like a Mr. Hollywood doesn't he?  the dude just like you see in the movies that "hooks" you up with the Hollywood Giants.  Yup, that's John.


Show Style Brands contracts with associate companies on each coast of the country to be able to stay as well rounded as possible in positioning your brand for the best placement with the best exposure service possible.  Working together with other companies allows us to be available / represent your brand all over the country and to offer more brand placement capabilities, as we are making more capabilities to our associates as well. TV & Movie placement, Event Production,  CELEBRITY SEEDING,  Music Videos, Talent Brokering, Entertainment Sports event Marketing, Brand Development, Sponsorship,  National Media Billboard Advertising, Business development.



After countless requests of “how she does it”, JoDee Randall, Celebrity Designer of apparel for movies and TV, and of Famed Clothing Line, IzzyBitzy, (as seen on Tori & Dean’s Home Sweet Hollywood, Miley Cyrus’ “So Undercover”, E! Entertainment Television, Entertainment Tonight, Access Hollywood, and numerous Celebrity Tabloids) is sharing her celebrity network, talent and contract resources with Brands wanting to be the star of the show as she expands her IzzyBitzy umbrella to cover Show Style Brands.  You can say "she's connected".

originating from the client side

JoDee evolved from your side of the table - not Hollywood.  She understands target markets, product position, branding, and what the fastest way to "overnight" is.  She's a "Monkey Tamer", because she understands what it is like to tame the animal your business is about to become.

As a brand placement & event specialist, JoDee integrates Brands and Celebrities into venues, productions and events based around the entertainment and sports industry, A-list Movies & Prime Time TV on only the MAJOR national and international television Networks  then generating content and pushing the press and business development.

As an end result, Show Style Brands brings this integration to local and national Brand owners and personally gets involved with your brand ensuring it’s celebrity status. She’s bringing it home and making it real.

You’re her target.



JoDee Randall, CEO / Owner / Monkey Tamer

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